Current projects


We aim at investigating tumoral cell dynamics and proliferation in an integrated context using original multicellular tumour spheroid 3D models (MCTS), giving much attention to the systemic study of the biology of cell cycle control and cell fate. We study cell cycle and checkpoint control in response to physical, chemical and microenvironnemental cues, and search for 3D specific regulatory mechanisms. This project relies on developing original genetically engineered MCTS models and on the design of innovative experimental strategies using microdevices. Our work strongly relies on developing a new 3D imaging technology, the SPIM/LSFM (Light Sheet Fluorescence Microscopy). We are conducting developments on the the adaptive optics, on the implementation of photomanipulation devices in the optical path, and on the engineering of innovative and versatile sample holders. Mathematical modelling and computational simulation of in virtuo 3D growth are developed and feed with collected experimental data. These innovations are implemented to study the 3D response to genotoxic injuries and develop innovative models for pharmacological evaluation.


SPIM imaging of spheroids of HCT116 colon carcinoma cells expressing a histone H2B–HcRed fusion protein.  Magnification of a mitotic cell and 3D reconstruction of the region of the stack corresponding (blue and red isosurfaces correspond to mitotic and interphase .